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By  Joulie

Since arriving at my new home I have rediscovered a few things of which my previous household left me in want…


In my book you can never have too many toys! There is nothing like the wet, slobbery mess you can leave on a cotton filled sheepie to make you go back for more! It’s a special thing the way the spit helps it collect all the extra dirt from the floor. If your lucky enough to live in a rural area, you may even catch some of the stuff people bring in on their shoes. Zoe takes shoes off in the  hallway, so I often take a quick run of it out there to make sure I get everything!

Ok, back to war. Tug o’ war is a true and vanishing art! If you’re person is reading this to you, you know what I mean. If you are human and reading this sans the benefit of an animal companion, you may need some further explanation. As people get more focused on the hectic pace that they’ve set for themselves, play time has gradually reduced, and the real investment of a focused, rough and tumble hour or two of play has decreased with it. That being said, there really is an art to tug o’ war.

First you must have plenty of toys.

Next a certain level of assertiveness may be necessary to engage your human. You may need to look at them with pleading eyes, choose a favorite toy for them, show them how much fun they will have!

Either way,  most likely they will not be the one suggesting the game, so be persuasive!


Now that you have engaged your human, choose your toys wisely! It may be a personal preference but I like a toy with at least two arms, wings, or legs. A tail is also a real benefit when looking for a vice hold on your toy. You have to be willing to hold on for dear life even if it means becoming airborne so having an appendage to hang on to makes that all the easier!

Another nice addition is the ability to use your own paws in the cover and growl maneuver should you gain full access to the target!img_20160815_153619749

But lo the doggie who lets herself become distracted by slow moving humans with placating voices! img_20160907_063151037

She will be sadly calling for suspension of all hostilities.picsart_09-07-10-42-05

“Crap! Every time with the cat….”

Stay tuned for the benefits of squeeky toys and incorporating fetch into your tug o’ war. Have a great afternoon! Joulie



4 thoughts on “THE ART OF WAR!

  1. You’ve clearly found yourself at the right place, Jolie! Those pleading eyes of yours manage to get to Zoë Marshmallow Heart every time, even after a long day of work. But really you and I both know that you are helping her unwind too, humans also need distraction! You’ve gotta get smarter about that cat trick though, hard as it is, pretend you aren’t the least bit interested in cats… or chickens… or SKUNKS! That last one didn’t go well at all! Toby would love to come play a game of “Fetch the Fork” with you, now that is a silly cat behavior worth watching! 🙂 xoxo


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