• Today was a day full of gratitude. Actually my week has been pretty great.
  • Zoe’s friend Richard took me with him to take some photographs and I got to run through a brook and then some mud! It was pretty awesome!
  • I got to chase chickens and many a rabbit this week, but my favorite was chasing the neighbors cats out of our yard!
  • unnamed-18Zoe brought me to meet her friend Sandra today. Pretty great time! While I was there I ate all the cat food that was out. It wasn’t bad, but the best part is the cat didn’t get it!
  • I also got to meet Rick. That guy knows how to give a belly rub. I was asleep in his lap in five minutes. SIGH! unnamed (3)SWOON!
  • unnamed-22By the time we got home I was ready for a nap.
  • Zoe got a bone for me this week. We were both a little doubtful of if it would be okay because , well, I only have seven teeth! BUT it was FABULOUS! I barked at it for about a half hour, then I dug in. AWESOME!


  • I was also on the Bark Magazine Smiling Dog page! YEP, It’s been a pretty great week! Joulieimg_20160902_154835458